While sunflowers have bloomed I knew that it was time to start planting and making up my beautiful autumn garden. There are many kinds of wonderful fruits and vegetables in the fall, such as Kohlrabi, beets, carrots, endive, lettuces, broccoli and spinach and this fall I will plant carrots. And in this fall I will plant carrots.


The temperature of the seeds in the garden is very important for the development of the county. Some cool season crops like spinach will not geminate if the soil is too warm. In fact, it must be below 75 degrees. I’m planting carrot without memory is not up to temperature 95 degrees. But they will be happy when it is cool. Just cover the seeds with soil. You do not need to plant them deep. Only about a quarter inch deep will be good. Add a little water and it is done.

Good garden tools can stimulate and enhance germination of seed. If you want to plant spinach soon, you can cover the ground 1 layer of cheesecloth to lower the temperature of the soil to suitable temperature that seed can germinate. To continue cooling the soil, you can apply more water to the land. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature and know when the soil reaches to the suitable temperature for seed germination. All the things you must do is inserting wires into the soil bed to give the nylon fabric not fallen out. Beside that, it also protects the seed from little rain, frost. Your autumn garden may need some frost protection after the season. Interestingly, you have to determine what crops should be planted in the fall and when to start planting them. The first step is to determine the beginning date of the autumn. Before that you should hoe soil, pruning, and pest to prepare for sowing.

To your seed can germinate, you should follow these steps:

Soil preparation;

An important decision of the gardener is to identify suitable land for sowing. Once you have found an area you must thoroughly understand whether there was exactly suitable.

Sunlight and soil moisture is a prerequisite. If land receives sunlight all day is not good for the development of the seeds. Land will become dehydrated quickly and not get the humidity for germination. If the area receives too little sunlight, the seeds will also be a lack of nutrients and can be rot.

Weeds preventing:

Weeds are always not good for the crops in our garden. They grow fast and obscured the light of the other small trees. They absorb the nutrients and leaving one poor plot. For example you are planting strawberries, but the obnoxious weeds sprout and make your plants stunted and sometimes they also bring insect species that are harmful for plants.

So use the gardening tools to remove them, or you can use an herbicide, but sometimes this is not conducive to our seed.

Dealing with houseplant pest

In autumn have many crop pests so you should take care of their crops carefully. Please note in every leaf, every tree, and every crevice. A bit of carelessness and negligence can also harm your garden. The best way to control these insects is to use soap solution. So in this season you must make sure that the gardens regularly checked and eliminated the pest species.

Natural Fertilizer or Chemical Additives

Use fertilizers to enrich the soil nutrients and also give mineral for plants. Should use a moderate amount of fertilizer, do not use too much, that can make the plant poisoning.

Use right fertilizers and the right dose is crucial. Like a daily multivitamin, plants need small doses on a regular basis over time. Moreover, chemical products can not provide the right kind of nutrition for your plants. Remember that balance pH, acidic or alkaline help make your soil, is a chemical additive subtle and require careful study before.

If you do not know whether to buy fertilizers are appropriate for the type of land and crop varieties. Or you do not know how their dosage or ask the seller, they will be fully explained to you.

Original or Organic

In fact, there is a wealth of research shows that the natural option is more efficient than other types of landscape options. Further research shows that many of the studies were done by the distributors of organic, which shows a false conclusion. So your decision should be based on your personal study and faith. Certainly there is no harm in trying both for yourself, and see that you like based on the results.

Please take good care of yourselves garden. I firmly believe that you will get the desired results. And if you have any experience, please share with us that would be very useful things for everyone