Gerbera is one of the most popular flowers now. Due to the high economic, this flower are grown in the provinces of the country scales and relatively large plantings. Beside it is a beautiful flower and wins the heart of every people.

Gerbera jamesonii is tropical flower, which is tubular herbaceous, bunch root, strong growth,…. Gerbera Jamesonii is a kind of plant with underground stems, not ramified but tillering, Leaves are 15-25cm long, 5-8 cm wide, pinnate, forked, dorsal has velvet coat. Gerbera Jamesonii is a beautiful flowers, it is favored by the variety of hundreds of different varieties, richly colors: red, white, pink, yellow, orange, … this flowers is made of two small crescent and tubular form, is the first simplex type inflorescence. During bloom, flower bloom crescent before, tubular flowers bloom later, the flowers bloom in order from outside to inside each one.

Gerberas’s meaning is the beauty and miracles. Sometimes it also means thriving, money. This flower brings not only a bright and cheerful but also the innocence, love and praise.

Gerbera is easy to grow; the best growth temperature is between: 15-25 ℃.

Gerberas can’t stand strong direct sunlight; this flower is also loath frost, rainy, rainy.


  1. How to plant

2.1. Seeds

Gerbera has many different seeds such as Esmara (pastel pink flowers, yellow stamen), Sarolta (orange, black pistil), Cruiser (lotus red, black pistil), Mayane (dark yellow, black pistil), Amareto (yellow, black pistil), Ismara (bright lotus red, yellow pistil), Serena ( bold lotus red, black pistil),….

To buy best Gerbera seed, which produce best quality flowers, you should select in Seed Supermarkets.


2.2. Planting season

Gerbera can be grown all of the year. The most suitable time for growing was in service in March for harvest in Lunar New Year.


2.3 Temperature and humidity for gerberas

Temperatures suitable for growing is 15-25 degrees C, there are some species of Gerbera can withstand higher temperatures 30-34 degrees. When the temperature is below 12 and above 35 degrees C, gerberas grow poor, pale flower color, bad flower quality.

Gerberas is bad at suffering drought. Soil moisture usually maintained at 60-70%, 55-65% air humidity is favorable conditions for plant growth.

This flower must be planted floating because its roots spread across the ground. If you plant this tree too deeply, it will be vulnerable to root or grow slowly.


2.3 Soil for planting flower.

Gerberas likes porous soil, high ventilation, drainage, humus. Arable land for including coir pots coins + peat + sand (3: 3: 1), you can also add organic fertilizers and microbial Super phosphate.

This Flower can’t stand high light intensity, rainfall; therefore you should put the pot gerberas at home in the first time of planting to reduce the light intensity and temperature. After the tree has grown stable, you can bring to a balcony or railing, the windowsill to grow but must limit the amount of direct sunlight.


2.5. How to water the gerberas

Should water this flower in the morning; avoid watering in the afternoon in the heat susceptible plants. When watering we must attention that not to splash soil onto the leaves. Although this flower dislike direct sunlight, too humid is also not good for it, so depending on the particular conditions, we can irrigate once in 2-3 days.

You should prune the leaf regularly to provide ventilation for the plant development.

2.6. How to fertilize

After planting trees about four weeks, we could appreciate a side dressing of compost fertilizer for them. The best dressing fertilizer is Dau Trau with the percent is 20-20-15+ Te. We should dissolve 1 kg of fertilizer with 250 liter of water to water plants. Besides root fertilizing, we can use foliar fertilizer so as to increase productivity and flower quality. Using Dau Trau 902 fertilizer which sprays after planting 30 days, 10- 15 days once in periodically, concentration of 1 insecticide sprayer is 10 liter/ 100m2 bases on the introduction of manufacturer.


Gerbera is quite easy to grow but you can decorate your house with sense joy, the joy of the family. Hopefully with the planting and care of gerberas bowl gives you the experience to have beautiful gerberas.