How To Use The Egg Pan Properly And Effectively

It takes for granted that the non-stick pan is an indispensable item in the kitchen of every family. However, the release in the pan makes housewives worried when the women use, especially use it for frying egg. So, how to use the best egg pan safely and effectively? Here are some tips for you to use non-stick pans. Sure you will know more info when finishing looking at this article.

Do you know the dangers of anti-stick that the pans give after each cooking. According the chemical nature, the anti-stick substance is is a heat-resistant polymer. There are many different types of non-stick pan depending on the price that it is good or not good. Among them, the most popular beloved and trusted by many housewives is Teflon compounds.

Teflon is the material commonly used and relatively inexpensive but durable, which will wear over time and easily scratched when exposed to metal cookware. Therefore, it will badly affect health. So, the users must know how to use nonstick egg pans to ensure the safe and effective criteria. Do not worry, below will analyze some tips in improve the quality of the pan for the long-term use.

Pour The Cooking Oil Before Hot Pan

Always pour the oil into the pan before turning on stove. Housewives often have the habit that leave the very hot pan, and then pour the oil to frying egg.  However, this job is only in accordance with the material of aluminum pans, or conventional cast iron.

For the non-stick pan, pour oil directly into the pan, then take the pan into the stove and heat the oil. If leaving the hot non-stick pan before pouring the oil, it will release agent on the surface of the pan, which is harmful to the user and shorten the life of the non-stick egg pan.

Use Soft Pot Scourers When Cleaning The Pan

The 2nd thing you need to consider is that do not use pieces to clean pan, which are made of hard materials as it may scratch the surface of the pan. Instead, use a sponge for washing, not only clean, but also safe for the non-stick pan’s surface.

Also another note is that with the pan just finished frying, do not put it immediately into cold water, you should let it cool; use a paper towel to clean the grease on the surface, and then rinse.

Do Not Use Salt Or Seasoning Sauce When Using The Egg Pan

To save time for frying, cooking, many housewives use salt sauce directly on applesauce. This will make the surface of the pan quickly become pitting, peeling stick coating, and reduce the life expectancy of the non-stick pan.

Deodorants The Pan With Coffee

When purchased, the non-stick pan often has unpleasant odor, you should wash the pan with dishwashing liquid to clean the dirt outside. Next, apply a layer of coffee on the pan and use the scourers foam to wash thoroughly. Thus, the pan will be durable and remove all odors.

Cook At A Moderate Temperature

Some people get too busy, so they often leave the high heat when cooking on a non-stick pan. Doing this will cause the rapid degradation pan, bubble gum inhibitors. Ideally, the temperature should be to fire in low or medium, concentrated fire in the middle bottom of the pot. Thus, the lifespan of the pan will keep longer.

Do Not Use A Pan For Baking Or Stew Food

Although the surface of pan is non-stick, but if used for baking or stew food such as meat or fish, it will make pan quickly damage. Due to too high temperatures, the pans will quickly electrostatic paint peeling.

Wash The Pan With Warm Water

This habit will keep the lifespan for the pan. As it quickly wash grease, dust and keep on the surface electrostatic paint more durable than washing with cold water.

Only Use Wooden Spoon While Cooking On A Pan

If using a plastic spoon, when experiencing high temperatures, it will be melt; use aluminum pan surface will cause scratches. It’s best to use a scoop wood for cooking, to fry food on nonstick pans.