How To Purchase The Hair Clipper Effectively

Cutting hair for the baby is an essential task to help them feel more comfortable. However, a lot of children do not cooperate during the cutting process, which makes the parent difficult and tired. The self-cut hair for baby will take easier for the baby instead of taking them to the hair store. If parents want to choose the best hair clippers 2016, they should some note below to pursue basic knowledge about some good samples for a purchase. They are commonly sold and believed in the market.

Children Hair Clippers CHC-530 CODOS (Silver)

Made from high-grade material of stainless steel, hair clippers CHC-530 CODOS has a sharp cutting blade, plastic sheath with premium safety, eye-catching colors and vivid patterns. Therefore, the baby will enjoy sitting neatly on a chair to get a haircut with a lovely instrument as a hair clippers CHC – 530.

Besides, children’s hair clippers CODOS CHC – 530 is designed to push the compact, along with stainless steel sharp blade, allowing you to just push once for each cut, fast cutting baby’s hair without irritating your baby, especially for hyperactive kids. Especially, the machine has the noise-reducing parts, which works very gently and smoothly, not startled or scared baby.

Hair clippers CODOS CHC – 530 uses battery charger plugged in, so you do not take care of being interrupted during the process of the baby’s hair cutting. This product is warranted for 1-month engines.

Hair clippers Kemei K3007A (Black)

The hair clippers Kemei K3007A (Black) has a compact design with hard alloy blade, which is very sharp and used for maximum durability. The body is made of plastic with anti-slip coating, to facilitate handling the mothers. With the elongated fuselage and the switch, the mother can adjust the level of cut accordingly. The machines are equipped with high-speed motor, strong activity, but less noise, so the baby will not be startled or frightened. Products include 1 chassis, 1 measure charger, 1 battery, 1 backup battery, 1 charger, 2 sets of blades, 3 locomotives with 3 handy style hair cut, 1 bottle of lubricant to help you cut hair under a quick, safe and convenient way for both the child and other family members.

Baby Hair Clippers CHC – 810

Codos is a well-known brand of hair clippers in Korea. Specializing in providing all kinds of safety trimmer for newborns, it helps the fathers and the mothers easily barber baby even when sleeping or awake, without fear of harming the baby. The Hair clippers CHC 810 has a small fixed blade, which is process precisely and combined with ceramic mobile blades, the blade is removable for convenient blade guard. The distance of wheel blade is 0.8mm, seaming pulse round blades are treated in prison grinding angle R, which makes sure not to injure the child’s skin.

Especially, the machines have a moisture resistant, which can be washed in water, there are 7 steps can adjust the position of the base from 1-12.8mm strategy. The enclosed kit includes safety cut comb, barber comb sizes 3 / 6mm, 9 / 12mm; Chargers, lubricants, hygiene brush.

Trimming Haircuts For Kids Touch Beauty – HK400S

Hair clippers for children Touch Beauty – HK400S would be a suitable option for you to take care of children love. The machine has outstanding features, silent operation, which can limit vibration and noise, making it easy to cut the hair of children without causing, besides, the mothers can cut hair for baby even when she/he sleeps.

The Machine has geometry and safety materials to help minimize injury cases of baby’s scalp when cutting hair. After each 6 hours per charge, the parents can use about 55 minutes. The Machine is suitable for use from newborn baby to 12 years old

Baby Hair Clippers Codos CHC 838

CHC trimmer – trimmer line 838 is used exclusively for kids, powerful engine with very little noise. With this machine, you can use direct sockets. Fixed blade section is made of high-grade ceramic tile (ceramic knives of the same type as Japan) and mobile blades are made of stainless steel for maximum efficiency, maintaining sharpness after long time use.

In particular, the trimmer Codos CHC 838 is equipped with waterproof capabilities, you can cut your baby wet hair or cleaning the water without fear of engine failure (ability waterproofing of 0,25M)