Nowadays our city is more and more crowded and the space is more and more narrow. Therefore the tube houses are new trend for the crowed cities or urban areas. However we face to many problems when decorate furniture for living room of this kind of house. Some tips below will help us how to decorate a beautiful living room in tube house.

1 sample tube living room is a collection of beautiful things, pretties inside the house creates such as the Sofa, TV shelf, wall paintings or fish one lake pool … there are many things to decorate purpose give the room more prominent.

  • Firstly, we must identify the focus of the living room. When we arrange the layout of the ground floor in the tube, it is important that you correctly identify the main focal point of this space to be able to focus the attention of people in that location instead due attention to the shortcomings of the room. With some small tips for window decoration at the end of the tube house it will make your room sucked deep and feel like going into the alley. You should create focal points for the window in the tube with a moderate depth or space split into separate function rooms.

  • Secondly is creating a central area. Normally the tube house, homeowner or architect will create common living area or living room in the middle of the ground floor. Place an audio-visual system to service entertainment activities for the members. Beside that we can create a reading area with two other parties with bookshelves and chairs for relaxing reading. Or it might be a small landscape areas with ventilation skylights, has taken both a spot light air circulation for the entire house. Because of narrowness of the width, choosing the neat and simple furniture your room becomes wide and airy than the reality.

  • Lastly, with the arrangement, you must sure that every one can move easily in the house. Using the right furniture, should not buy things up too much area would make troubles for your traveling as well as everyone in the family. The use of medium-sized objects will help the room not only convenient but also more aesthetic.

With some small guidance we will not find decorating the living room of the tube house trouble. The beautiful, airy and fresh house will dispel the tired and stress of the squeezed busy and narrow life.