Experience using meat grinder to cooking for baby 6 months old

Many experts have said that, when your baby is approximately 8 months of age, parents should add meat puree in food miles for children. Standing against this age of lean chicken, beef or pork well with the baby. However, many parents are concerned about is how to use the meat grinder smooth, fine, no blocking effects (sticking together) and help little easier to swallow. It’s one of the reasons to choose the best meat grinder infant, or a blender to prepare the food for weaning babies in those days.

During the baby started to eat, the fiber like vegetables, protein from meat, are very important for the development of the baby, when sufficient quality and be fed, the baby will limit breastfeeding, and early end of this difficult period. Time then you should still feeding the mushy, and small, to help her digestion, and absorption with ease. At the same time small jobs very good food for the taste of the baby, the dish easier to eat, keep your baby interested in eating food cooked pureed soft.

1. Food for baby

  • Here is the experience of using a meat grinder for processing family infant food miles:

First, we choose a piece of fresh, delicious, removing packaging and grease. Then boiled meat over low heat. When meat is cooked, continuing through a meat grinder to grind the meat very finely. Initially only feeding half teaspoons minced meat min.Sau, we draw the meat with a little water (preferably water or water bone) are dissolved in water to meat, there are no lumps. If you want smoother, we can give the meat mixed with water in a blender and then the vegetables into the blender along. Finally, there will be mixed meat – thick viscous green vegetables like vitamins, very smooth. In addition, this mixture also ensure your baby get enough protein and fiber.

  • The use of a meat grinder for older children:

As babies get older, eat lumpy foods department (for example, when feeding grain porridge), you can use a meat grinder, grind raw meat in dry mortar with a blender (or directly by the machine chopper). When ripe, the meat porridge was milled in, stir and wait again was exciting. There are small local meat but she still edible. If more meat residue (or lumps), can give the porridge with meat in the blender. Smooth or rough is up to you.

Also there is noticed for raw meat through a meat grinder to grind smooth, pour into a saucepan of boiling porridge, the meat smooth and softer. However, cooked meat and place in a meat grinder usually more aromatic and have the baby will like this way better.

In my experience often use the meat grinder to grind meat and vegetables as well as both of them are still alive. When the porridge cooked, pour the mixture into the other, waiting for boiling vegetables and meat are cooked immediately. If your baby is eating local food, then there is no need to use meat grinder, meat grinder or another sieve, chopped meat and vegetables every infant is done so little with the gradual approach to food.

Another way is to use a steamed beef (avoid wastage vitamin found in meat). After our chin beef for beef through a meat grinder (or maybe chopped beef. If chopped recommended sieve, sieve the meat so the meat is no longer the local pulp).

Next, cook beef with baby powder and porridge in the usual way, waiting the baby’s porridge flour or cooked as you pour the meat and vegetables in a blender puree the meat to the pot of porridge or dough, waiting pot meal vibrant baby is being. Beef cooked with carrot, broccoli, string beans (green beans), potatoes, celery, sweet peppers … they are delicious healthy again. ”

2. Selection of meat grinder and Blender

If you need a professional meat dryer of food for infant nutrition, there is nothing to wonder to choose a machine to say good meat can be used for later processing. Do your family a new baby, so financial issues are important, you should consider financial matters to have the means to purchase other items for children.

Besides meat dryer you can buy a blender for your family (if you do not have). This type of device is very convenient, it can grind dried fruit to make juice, minced vegetables for vitamins, now has the type blender can grind the meat. Should choose a machine with the glass material, reducing the toxins from the plastic into the food and drinks affect a baby’s health, and your family.