Experience pick a sewing machine for mothers

Choosing a good sewing machine, affordable is an important factor leading to exercise, be acquainted with needlework.

After a period of learning basic sewing, rekindled his own intention to buy one machine at home to sew extra workout. After the effort the whole day, read the advice on some forums to share, then we have “communion” a mini sewing machine with butterflies flying advertisement full of shopkeepers sewing machine was all kinds of fabrics, all kinds of sewing such as singer 7258 … sewing combined lifetime warranty.

However, reality was different. Overlock very tangled, only to small road irregularities, very meticulous cloth. After several times taken its warranty eventually had to give up the sewing with this machine.

  • The brand of sewing machine

Here, you can purchase a wide variety of sewing machines, from used goods to new customers, the quality and price is very diverse. Do not master the quality of used goods that the store owner was called “Japanese yards” and “genuine Japanese” do not ask anyone, so I chose one new aircraft at a total cost of nearly 3 million bags including tripod and motor.

This type of simple sewing machine that has one sew propellers or has two propeller to sew the fabrics. But in return seam stretch, finely creased, stitch them, the machine run smoothly because the oil pump on the machine itself, pick up the oil spill in the bottom of the tray, using half of the year you must change oil you’re your machine with the investigation. Note that changing oil handmade anymore like the old days. This machine is not fussy fabric, should sew denim or thick kind, we can replace the needle under the number.

Later, you also use additional one few other machines and draw your experience some minor for women want to buy one sewing machine to satisfy the tastes (not for business).

  • Some notes when buying a sewing machine

-Don’t buy the used machine if you are unsure about the quality or no guaranteed source. Should buy new units and new warranty.

With a mini sewing machine just to sew pillows and miscellaneous items, do not choose a mini sewing machine to sew clothing, skirt size… For this model to reveal a number of drawbacks or broken, high repair costs, bad thread, loose.

In your family, you should buy one that is small, do not need a sewing machine that is big because it will lead to waste.

– No desire to buy a map a good sewing machine means you will use it to be long for my taste it is worth to invest.

Before using the sewing machine of this type, you should carefully explore the details of the product, how to install and operate how is reasonable. Should read instructions attached to the product, to be used properly convenient for sewing or decoration for apparel.

  • The necessary of sewing for mothers

Sewing, embroidery household appliances just a hobby has expressed resourceful, ingenious women. With the development of the current technology, the sisters were not too hard for household sewing machines cumbersome as it once was. The mini sewing machine with interesting features to meet the needs of the family patching machine is also workhorse helps you design unique fashion products.

Mini sewing machine has a compact, elegant and easy to use for anyone who was not part of a professional tailor. The machine can be used for all kinds of fabrics like soft, hard cloth, spandex, chiffon fabric … Due to the compact, so you can easily move and use the mini sewing machine in anywhere as desks, on the floor, on the bed …

In modern life, the women are busy with their friends, work, family… so they don’t have much time to stay all day to sew a shirt for your children or your husband. The work of taking care of their family become more difficult that some work go along with sewing machine isn’t much as it used to. You can use a small sewing with many usages for yourself. With this products, you can sew or even simply fix your clothes without bringing it to tailors. So save time for yourself.