For about a decade, with the development of handmade products, the demand for a family sewing machine has been increasing remarkably. In particular, our housewives want to take advantage of free time to do something and they break up for sewing that helps them to show their household arts. In the market now, there have a lot of types so you need to consider a lot of factors to find out the best beginner sewing machine. In this article, we will give you some instructions for this.

  1. Choosing brands and product lines

In the past, tailors used to choose some sewing machine brands like Butterfly which uses feet forces to pedal but nowadays, the technology is developing so this machine is not produced anymore. It looks quite bulky and it is much more difficult to operate than modern types. Therefore, it causes a lot of inconvenience. Of course, is price is low as the technology is obsolete. However, if you want to add one machine to your collection of old machines then this is one of the most suitable choices.

These days, family sewing machines are popular with two famous brands: brother and Juki. In addition, there are also Toptek or Ricca. These brands are favord thanks to smooth operation and reasonable price. Hence, if you have any intention to buy a sewing machine for long using, this is one suggestion.

Brother has a lot of advanced product lines and the price varies. Sewing machines of this brand seem to be more expensive than machines of other brands and of course the quality is better. Nonetheless, as you are beginners, you can consider the similar product line of all the above brands to choose a best appropriate one.

One another choice is to buy old machines. There are some shops selling both old and new sewing machines. Some tailors want to buy new ones as they like the latest technology so they sell their old one. You can take full advantage of this to reduce the amount of spending. Almost all the old sewing machines displayed are of good quality. If your finance does not allow you to buy a new one that integrates all functions, you can look for an old one. That is still a good idea.

  1. Structure of a sewing machine

The structure or the anatomy of a sewing machine consists of many small details so you, beginners must remember all of their names and understand their functions. First, the sewing machine has a stich selector so that you can choose the speed of sewing. There is also a knob to select the stitch length. On the right side of the machine, there has a hand wheel. When you spin the hand wheel, the sewing needle will go up and down. In case, the power is off, you have to use this hand wheel to sew.

Below the needle, there is a presser foot which helps to keep the material on the needle thread plate. A shuttle cover (as known as bobbin housing) is placed under the plate. There is a presser foot lever to raise the presser foot. The thread guides are right above the tension control.

Nowadays, the modern machine still has a pedal. However, you only need to push the pedal after you connect the machine with the electricity. And when you want to stop, you do not push the pedal. There is also a power button: off and on. Furthermore, a sewing machine has also a small bulb to provide you light when it is too dark.

In general, the anatomy of the sewing machine is complicated. Beginners will have to learn everything mentioned above if they want to use the machine well. Although the machine has a lot of parts and details, it is not difficult to learn about them. Only with some minutes practicing, can you understand the operation of the sewing machine on the grounds that all the parts connect each other logically in an operating chain.

  1. Choosing supporting equipment

When you start learning to sew, you have to purchase not only a sewing machine but also the over – lock machine. The over – lock has similar operation to the sewing machine. Both of them drive the needles all along the cloth. However, the difference is that the over – lock machine just makes the thread embracing the cloth so that the fibers are kept.

For beginners, these two machines are enough. Apart from these machines, beginners need to buy thread and needles and they have to get acquainted with them by hand – sewing.

These are some instructions for you to choose and buy a family sewing machine. We hope that you will think deeply and have a good summary about what you have to check before buying one product. If you have any difficulty, please send us your messages.