Do You Know About The Benefits Of Compound Miter Saw?

The compound miter saw is a device that its motivation is a great product for carpenter and in each family with many advantages. Do you know about its advantages? And now, in this article, we will provide to you some benefits of compound miter saw.

Firstly, to know about it, you need to choose the best compound miter saw and then it will run well in each situation and you are not in danger. So now, I will talk to you more about this kind of machine.

Advantages Of Compound Miter Saw

It is designed compact but powerful, the masterpiece has left a strong impression with customers by extremely compact size, convenient and comfortable to use.

Machine weight with 1.6 kg, ergonomic grip, easy handling, relaxed working with one hand. Also the parts of the machine are easily removable quick process convenient for maintenance or cleaning machines.

The ​​Powerful Speed Of Compound Miter Saw

Although it is compact but powerful, this machine operates with a capacity of 500 W enables powerful drilling and neatly on the wall materials such as wood and metal. The rotational speed of the drill GSB 500 RE dynamics change from 50-3000 RPM quickly eliminates material debris and drilling in a single drill.

Especially with versatile drilling machine GSB 500 RE allows switching between modes frequently drill screw drill and drill mode for compound miter saw on the wall dam easy and convenient.

It is versatile to hold in hand or bring it anywhere.  Built-in smart features, convenience for users Bosch has integrated functional electronic speed control enables to change the speed of operation of the machine simply by activating switches easily adjustable with just one finger. Especially with this function also helps the exact start of the next drill holes drilled drilling at full speed fast.

Convenient For Users

Versatile kits GSB 500 RE not only have a strong motivation drill but also 100 included accessories are neatly organized looks a plastic suitcase. This helps users easily and more convenient for all the work, and also allows easy storage.

Specially equipped machine wire conductor length 4m help users migrate to relaxed during the operation.

Advantages of multifunction compound miter saw. The compound miter saw is a leading brand in the field of portable power tools; always leading quality and technology ensure absolute satisfaction to customers.

How To Run Compound Miter Saw

Open the machine: press the switch on / off 5

Key switch on / off, press and hold the lock button presses on the AutoPlay

Shutdown: release switch on / off 5, when the switch on / off 5 was locked, press and then release it.

Adjust The Mode Of Operation

Concrete drill lets users select one of two modes of operation. To adjust the mode of operation makes sure that the machine has been shut down to protect the safety of the machine and the user.

Turn the mode of operation chosen gauze 7 positions to meet the requirements of drilling hammers often.

Using gauze 6 to change the direction of rotation of the reverse rotation, however this cannot be done simultaneously with the switch on / off 5 active.

Note When Using Compound Miter Saw

To drill mode, the hammer drill often always adjust the rotation direction of rotation must.

Adjust the speed of frequency beating. Speed ​​is frequent of operation of the dam concrete drill depends on the level of the switch squeeze on or off. The force applied to the switch light on / off 5 for speed / frequency of said dam. Stronger pressure on the switch increases the speed and frequency of the dam.

To operate with inserted screw head should use common components inserted insert the shank 22 with SDS – plus. Cleaning staff of the shank adapter shank and apply thin layer of lubricant. Insert the first installation with ordinary tuck into motion in the assembly until the tool automatically locks again

Check efficiency by pulling test key component to insert the universal tuck. Insert the screw inserted into the first mounting portion ordinary tuck, tuck top is particularly used only fit screw head screw

Remove the head assembly ordinary tuck, pull keying 3 on charges later and remove the top section tuck ordinary assembly 22 out of the assembly tools.