There are many excessive or old dishes and cups in your kitchen. May be your hobbies is collecting pretty dishes, cups but you do not know where they are present. Have you ever thought that the colorful and designed plate in your home can be used to decorate your kitchen? Take the plates and apply them in these following ways.

  1. A multiple styles and genres collection

Not only dishes but also pots, porcelain vases are also included in the collection. With choosing homogenous color and ingenious arrangement, the collection of porcelain will become suitable and attractive than ever. A hanging cupboard above will add a cozy feeling to the couch below. Glass windows and hand in brightly painted cabinets allow collection of colorful disc become focal points for this room. Besides painting color pink for shelves is most effective way to highlight the special dishes in the kitchen.

  1. The same types, the different color

The same style but different colors bowls are arranged very simple but equally unique. Each floor of the shelf you should choose a homogenous color and increase consistency of color shades to avoid resulting messy layout. Hang them on the wall and stacked, colorful plates will make the walls more prominent. Simple but sparkly! Sometimes the simple layout brings the greatest efficiency. In this way, the glossy wood showed off iridescent green plates.

  1. Use mirrors to increase the number

With the small mirror you do not need to use too many dishes that still look much. Each mirror image contrast is multiplied. It was very strange and impressive layout right? Mirrors also make your kitchen airy and much larger. Kill two birds with one stone right?

  1. A full dish set

Rather than put all the available dishes but odd in the kitchen, you can purchase a full dinnerware set to present. This way will be effortless arrangement however you must spend a bit of money when you want to make the kitchen beautiful.

  1. A luxury print dishes collection

Dishes and cups with the large print and antique style bring elegance to your dining room space. Alternate arrangement, all of these dishes give this area tidy and clean.

  1. Mystery grilles

Collections are looked through thin and fancy grilles make mysterious as the ancient artifacts. Especially with carved patterns, undulations of pot handles, covers …they are more and more attractive the look of people who visit your home.

  1. Classic plates

If your family’s hobby is collecting antique china, why not try this anyway decoration. Your kitchen will look luxurious and them will help you do exude the elites of your home. The hooks are not expensive and very easy to buy in the store or antique household goods. Just hang the plate on the wall above the fireplace. Looks very nice, right? Black and white disk is on the highlight coral. Paint the inside surface of the shelf or cupboard will help increase the value of your collection. The black and white china dishes would be more beautiful if the background is the coral color.

  1. Heart-shaped arrangement

In this room, the pink plates are arranged in lovely heart shape. The room suddenly becomes pretty much at cost very modest decoration. Remove wing is the simplest way to kitchen looks wider. However the drawback is that you will lose cargo space for items stored in it to be neat, not cluttered. The advantage of it is that you can easily change the layout with the colors and the arrangement tangle.

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