Do you know that the painting colors in your living room can tell other people what your characters are? Which color do you like: hot tone, cold tone, secret tone or classic tone? This article will give you detailed explanation for the meaning of colors painted in the living room.

You Prefer Neutral Colors

Gray, white, cement color, brown, beige and ivory bring to your house classic and somewhat dry appearance. If these colors are attractive to you, you seem to be quite angular, practical and not interested in what the home improvement. Sometimes, you feel too tired with color arrays. Or vice versa, you can also be a refined user, want to show personality and you know how to highlight the bright colors of the furnishings and decorations in the house.

In case it is true that you do not get interested in the use of color, you still have the balance and avoid the feeling of boredom, coldness and somewhat mourning for your homes by combining cleverly the dark and light shades of materials with contrasting surfaces such as smooth painted walls with chiffon curtains, pillows, glass vases with floating patterns or wall mirrors. The contrast will make a harmonious house, not monotonous.

To support your painting work, you should prepare some necessary tools like the sprayer which will help you spray the paint onto the walls. You should search the internet for airless paint sprayer reviews to know which type is suitable for your financial status. Remember to prepare all things for a more beautiful house of your own.


Combining Cozy Colors

Selecting warm painting colors like yellow, orange, orange – pink or pink – peach proves that you are very friendly and social people. People who like to use cozy color tone for the house are often helpful and dedicated ones. Such colors create a narrowed space so you will feel warmer.

The brightness and vividness of hot tone can also provoke a feeling of energy, and working stimulation. However, one weakness is that the cozy colors may bring the feeling airless and quite hot in the summer. Therefore, it is necessary to “temperature – down” the house by combining cozy tone and cool or cold tone like gray, white, blue and do not use too many hot colors in the same space.

The Cold Tone

Our method of choosing the  is often affected by a lot of factors such as: the life surrounding (words of other people or others’ styles). Therefore, the colors of our rooms will show a lot about our characteristics and styles. According to recent surveys, people who like to use cool tone like light green, light purple, blue and sea color tend to be calm, quiet and gentle. And because cold tone can hardly create intense feeling or make impression on others as the hot tone, the cold tone easily make people feel comfortable and harmonious.

If you give special love for the blue in terms of combining painting color in your room, you are about to make your room become an oasis – an ideal place for relaxation among too complicated world. You seem to have an internal soul. To avoid colors that cause coldness and loneliness, you should create a balance with a little bit yellow, orange, red and brown on the inferior furniture and decorations in the room.


You Are Always Attracted With Colors Of Gemstones

The colors can evoke the sumptuous feel as if they are brought back from the red carpets of Hollywood, with shades associated with the precious stones: ruby, opal, sapphire and emerald. If you choose them, you will show that you are an extroverted person, confident, and very creative. Those who choose colors of gemstones for the house often look for the inspiration provoked by the living space and they are always passionate about new interesting ideas.

This innovative color scheme also seems to be very effective in hiding the defect of the room. They are able to make a space having nothing special about the design become mysterious, glamorous and narrow the too large space and create the atmosphere cozy enough.

If you use the painting color: dark navy blue (the color of sapphire) for the small bathroom space, it will make the room look darker and cramped. However, if you know how to combine tones in larger spaces and with bright colors to create focal points, you can create the expected effect.

Colors of gemstones can coordinate very well with the neutral colors and the shades of the same color as it. If you love but do not dare choose this color for the house, start with the space you use less than other space, for example corridors, reading room, dining room.