Can there be more entertaining than playing video games? You can go through a lot of different kinds of emotion when you are on this rollercoaster ride called gaming.  However, the fun can be ruined when your butt is aching from sitting hours after hours on the gaming screen. As such, we need to find a way for us to sit in front of the TV, having our fun while not being distracted by the pain coming from our bottom.

That is where the gaming chair comes in. With the invention of the gaming chair, playing video games has never been more comfortable. However, with the rise of the gaming chair, a question has been raised: Which type of gaming chair is the best for you? There are a lot of different types of gaming chair that for a beginner it is really hard to make up your mind: from the rocker gaming chair to driver gaming chair. How can you choose what is right for you? Do not worry, because we are here to help, In this article, we are going to give you a list of different types of gaming chair so that you are going to have an easier time on choosing which type of gaming chair you should install in your house.

  1. X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair, Black/White Checkered Flag

The first entry in our list is the latest introduction to the X Rocker line. As you may know, the X Rocker has been popular among gamers for a long time now for the comfort as well as the utility that the chair itself offers to its owners. So what is new in this latest edition of X Rocker?

First of all, let us take a look at the design itself. The chair is adorned with checker pattern, which make a nice touch to the simple black leather look of the chair. Furthermore, the checker suits perfectly to what the chair was designed for – racing games. Furthermore, this chair is designed without the legs of the chair, as such, if you want to play the games and enjoy the game play on the ground level; this is the perfect chair for you. What is more? The chair is built in with speakers on the side of the chair, which is great when you need to emerge yourself in the game. The sound will engulf you and you are going to have the best gaming experience ever when you have the X Rocker installed.

2.       Gioteck RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair

The next entry in our list is one of the best sellers of Gioteck, the RC-3. The design of the chair is quite edgy and modern, with red lines decorates the dark black leather of the chair. This design reminds us of the chairs in the Mass Effect series, which is great since it is going to make your gaming experience more immersive. Now, we are going to look at the functions of the chair. What makes the chair more special than other gaming chair available on the market at the moment?

First of all, it is its utility. The chair can be folded and stored away easily, which is really great especially when you live in a small room. The design of the chair is going to help you to save a lot of space.

Furthermore, under the chair there is a space for you to store your controller as well as other items for your gaming experience, which is a further addition to the fact that it has helped you to store a lot of space already.

Last but definitely not least, the chair is installed with the volume control system that you can get access to very easily in order to turn up or down the volume of your games. This proves to be very convenient, especially when you do not want to move around way too much to avoid breaking the train of thought when you are playing video games


Above are two of the best gaming chairs out there that you should spend your money on. Which is your favorite?