You are a new worker working with the compressing machine? You have nearly no experience in operating an air compressor of new model? Or you are a worker who is familiar with this machine? Whoever you are, you need to absorb more knowledge of the machine on the grounds that nowadays, factories usually equip new models and this requires you to have a good command of using both old and new machines. If you have bought a best air compressor you ought to comprehend all the using instructions so as to make it work the most effectively. In this article, we will provide you with full of instructions for using any air compressor.

  1. All the conditions and requirements

You all know that the air compressor is not easy to work. There must have compatible conditions to make it start to work. Therefore, any person who has this machine has to prepare all the things bellows.

  • The operators and the repairers have to be well – informed of the machine, especially learning all the specifications and keeping in their minds all the safety notes.
  • All the protective devices and preventive facilities ought to be equipped fully and make sure that all of them are always ready to work.
  • The operators must follow all the steps in a proper way.
  • The repairers have to know and understand the process of machine maintenance.
  • The air compressor must be inspected carefully in order to detect the errors if any.

Other requirements:

The place

The place for the machine has to be dry, airy and has low humidity, very little dust (you know that we cannot avoid dust as it always exists in the air). You had better choose an airy place as far as possible. The suitable distance between the air compressor and the electric power outlet is at least 5 – 7 meter. In addition to this, the air compressor should be kept away from igniting devices and things.

The ability to understand parameters

The operators must have a good knowledge about reading all the parameters provided by the ampere – meter in order to check the voltage and frequency. This will help them insure the transmission to be stable.

Always remember to have the air released when you stop the machine to fix it.

  1. During and after the operation

During the operation

  • When you operate the machine, close the fuse and press the power button so that the air compressor can work immediately. Notice all the abnormal performances of the machine or any part.
  • If you are the operator, it is necessary for you to examine the safe valves regularly. If it is leaked, you have to have instant solution to solve it.
  • Do not set up the mode that is not compatible with the allowed one.

After the operation

  • After you finish your work and the air compressor finishes its performance, the first thing you have to do is to disconnect the breaker and clean the machine.
  • Write down all the operating parameters and the technical process in a operation notebook.


  1. What to do to keep safety

In terms of keeping safety for the operation process, you are not allowed to have any repair if not necessary, especially repair on the structured details. When the pressure in the air compressed bottle is increased unexpectedly, there should have some immediate solutions. When the safety devices do not work effectively, it is necessary to contact an expert to repair or maintenance the machine. More importantly, if you recognize any scratch or break or leak on the machine, stop the machine at once.

To sum up, you should always feel that you lack of knowledge about the machine you operate every day so that you are aware of the importance of learning more about it. We are sure that if you are willing to learn anytime and anywhere, you will have the ability to remove all the trouble during working. In this article, all basic instructions are provided. We hope that you will apply them well. If you have any difficulty in the stage of applying our instructions, please feel free to ask us about it.